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Native FEWS Storytellers

Storytellers Vision and Goals


The Native FEWS Alliance weaves communication with our partners, our Alliance, our institutions, and the world of food, energy, and water education and careers, in order to enable participation in the story of Native FEWS.

  1. Strengthen the Alliance as a whole and reach the ultimate goal of increasing Native Americans in STEM
  2. Reach the public, inspire Native youth as well as non-Native students
  3. Share knowledge, values, and wise practices
  4. Build shared cross-group understanding
  5. Influence the scientific community
  6. Ensure that the dissemination leads to sustainability
  7. Make Alliance products visible

Phase 1: Developing our Framework (summer and fall 2022)

During this phase the Native FEWS Storytellers (Storytellers) will engage multiple audiences in dialogue around these questions:

  • What is indigenous FEW storytelling?
  • Who are our audiences?
  • How do we communicate?
  • What are the ethical considerations of our communication?

Phase 2: Making plans to tell stories (winter 2023)

Based on what we learned in Phase 1, we will develop an action plan of activities, projects, workshops, and productions.

Phase 3: Storytellers in action (spring 2023 onward!)