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College Readiness

Welcome to the
Native FEWS Alliance
College Readiness Resource

Native Pathways 

Resources, links, and videos addressing college and career readiness.

Native Pathways College Going Guidebook

This is a culturally relevant resource guidebook for high school students that includes a variety of topics such as explaining FAFSA, how to determine college fit, how to read a financial aid award letter and more. This guide also includes stories and perspectives from Native students, parents and elders reflecting on the college going process. You can find an online copy of the guidebook here: Native Pathways Guidebook.

You are also welcome to order a classroom set of 30 guidebooks here:

9th-12th Grade Checklists

We have printable 9th-12th grade checklists of what students can do to become college ready, depending on what grade they are in.

9th Grade Checklist

10th Grade Checklist

11th Grade Checklist

12th Grade Checklist

College Fund Newsletter/Events Updates

Students and staff may sign up for the newsletter, which includes updates on our current and upcoming scholarship offerings, events and opportunities. We offer events throughout the year on a variety of college going topics. The link below is for the College Fund home page, and the sign up is the fillable form on the bottom of that page.

2022 Summer of Success Virtual Conference

We also want to welcome you to join us at our 2022 Summer of Success Virtual Conference. We will have a variety of speakers, panels and workshops for high school students, college students, their families, and staff who work with students. This 3 day conference will be from June 21st-23rd and will be focused on Native students, culture, and what it means to reach college and career goals! It’s free to attend, and we welcome you to share this out widely! I have attached our flyer with this email. Here is the link to register: