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 (K-12 Curriculum integrating local Tribal knowledge and perspective)

Project Summary The project will pilot a process for developing and disseminating a collection of curriculum materials, outdoor/field learning activities, and teacher training materials designed to provide K-12 teachers instructional content and activities that are grounded in local Tribal culture and knowledge practices, and integrated with Western scientific knowledge and practice. Background GLOBE, the Global Learning and Observations to benefit the Environment Program, is a worldwide program that brings together students, teachers, scientists and citizens to promote science and learning about the environment. Through a hands-on approach to inquiry, participants are encouraged to engage in local investigations that cover five core fields: atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, soil (pedosphere), and Earth as a system. The I-GLOBE project will build upon and enhance the current GLOBE curriculum, integrating local Tribal knowledge and perspective 


A Guidebook for Use of GLOBE Earth Systems Science (ESS) Curriculum at TCUs

  • Creation of framework, guidelines, and process for curriculum development by TCU faculty
  • recommendations for contextualization ofGLOBE ESS protocols with Zais model indigenized using the6 R’s (Reciprocity, Relationship,Relevance, Responsibility, Respect, and Representation)